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Board of Directors

Adanfopa has a vibrant board of directors consisting of professionals who are passionate about the vision of the non-profit organization. The board members actively support in the implementation of the various projects of Adanfopa.


Educational Scholarships – Programs Lead

EDPicElikplim is a health Informatics consultant who works on implementation of health systems in the UK. His expertise is in using IT, data, and research to improve the effectiveness of health and care organisations.
He grew up in Ghana and holds a BSc Agricultural Science from KNUST. He is also a Level 2 registered professional with the UK Council for Health and Informatics Professionals (UKCHIP) and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Informatics from UCL, UK.

His work has made him conversant with different concepts in health informatics like information governance, electronic patient records, interoperability standards, clinical risk management and health service commissioning.

Elikplim is passionate about Health, Education and Agriculture and hence his commitment to the Adanfopa vision. He says being a board member of Adanfopa is an honour and a fulfilling vocation.

His favourite adinkra symbol is ‘AYA’ the fern. A study of the fern plant shows you the key characteristics that make it such a hardy plant. Elikplim believes these traits of versatility, efficient resource utilisation, and innovativeness are essential for providing sustainable solutions. aya_fern

Elikplim enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures and their food. In another life, he would have been an Anthropologist.


Youth Development – Lead

Kingsley is a Primary Health Care practitioner with education and training from Ghana, USA,UK and Canada. He has several years of experience providing medical care and public health services in under-served communities in Ghana. He has served as a Health Manager and Director of Health Services in Ghana. He currently lives in Edmonton, Canada. He has special interest in Youth Development, Mental Health, Maternal Health and
He is married with two children and enjoys playing the piano, photography and travelling to new places. He also enjoys reading biographies and autobiographies of people who have made significant contributions to making the world a better place.
His favorite Adinkra symbol is “Mmere Dane” which means “Time Changes”. It references the changes or dynamics of life. adinkra_Mmere_Dane
Mmere Dane – Kingsley believes in the dynamism of life. Yesterday’s solutions may not be applicable today. Whiles we are solving today’s problems we need to anticipate how things will evolve in the future and constantly adapt our systems and solutions to be relevant.


Safe Schools Campaign – Lead

image001 Maa Adjoa is a Physiotherapist with Accra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. She studied at the University Of Ghana School Of Allied Health Sciences and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy in 2011.Participating in several community rotations as a student, she developed a keen interest in public health.

She has been involved in several voluntary activities and currently provides physiotherapy services for a diverse group of people with various disease conditions. Over the past few years, she has observed a trend which shows a relationship between the level of knowledge about a disease condition and management by the patient which in effect can influence the prognosis of the condition. She also observed that the trend is irrespective of the patients socio-demographics.

This further increased her desire to help save the world in her little way and she is privilimage002eged to be part of Adanfopa Foundation. She is dedicated, result-oriented and gives her best at work. She is a Christian and is happily married. She loves to sing and enjoys swimming as a form of exercise.

“Nyame Nti” is her favorite Adinkra symbol which means “By God’s Grace”. It is a symbol of faith and trust in God.


Health Screening & Education – Lead

SYLVIA FAFALI KELETO – Executive Director



Sylvia is a Physician Assistant. She studied at Central University, obtaining BSc in Physician Assistant in 2017.
She is currently engaged with work as a physician assistant in a community hospital, collaborating with Physicians to help improve the health needs of clients.
Sylvia has had the opportunity to work with few local Non Governmental Organizations, embarking on several health screening and
outreach programs in selected schools, communities and other organizations.
She aspires to be a Doctor of Public health, a medical lawyer and an entrepreneur, finding ways to prevent disease, promote good health and improve quality of life to a greater extent.Nyame Biribi Wo Soro is a Ghanaian adinkra symbol that stems from the Akan. It translates directly to “God is in the heavens.” It is intended to be a symbol of hope, or a form of affirmation for the Akan people, as if to say that since God is in the heavens, he can better hear the cries and prayers of man, and in turn, act on them.61367CBC-6FF8-418F-B62B-822013A2FF4D