First Aid and Basic Life Support Training

CPR Training at Mamprobi Senior High School

Adanfopa Foundation collaborated with the National Ambulance service, Mamprobi ambulance station to hold a first aid and basic life support training for the students of Mamprobi Senior High School on 9th October 2019. This even was a success. We reached our goal of education and engaging the students in tutorials and practical sections. About 100 students were in attendance.  The presenting team included 2 Adanfopa volunteers and 8 ambulance service personnel. We had overwhelmingly positive response from the students.  The students who engages in were provided with snacks. The even ended at 10am. The teachers nad the presenting team received refreshments at the end.  Memorable photographs were captured with students, teachers and the team.  We all retired to our destinations at close of the event.

By: Sylvia F Keleto

Why basic life support training is needed across the country