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We are seeking donors who will pledge 1 Ghana Cedi for the 365 days in 2018.

one cedi projectThe One Cedi Project is a drive to get more funding for Adanfopa Projects in the year 2018 from as many friends as possible.   As lovers of humanity with a shared passion for health, youth and development, it is our individual desires to do our bit for someone in the coming year.

Whiles our individual efforts go miles to make the world a better place, it is our belief, that the synergy of our individual acts of kindness will yield much more and make a bigger impact in the lives of others.

The One Cedi Project has a target of raising 1 Ghana Cedi each day from our dedicated friends for the year 2018. This amount can be paid in bulk or in parts during the year. While we limit each individual to 1 cedi per day for 2018, you can donate more to this foundation on behalf of your friends and family. It is our hope that everyone will be committed to the cause for effective planning and running of programs and events.

Send a message to  0207385340 and you will be added to the family of friends! You can also check out our activities in the past couple of years on this website.

To end with a few quotes!

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”  ― Ben Carson

“For it is in giving that we receive.”  ― Francis of Assisi

“I know what I have given you…  I do not know what you have received.”  ― Antonio Porchia


It is a brand new year full of blessings and prosperity for all of us. Have an awesome year!


Target – 100 donors – 36,500 GH¢

Status – 10 donors – 3,600 GH¢


DONATIONS (status 2018)

Target – 3,650 GH¢

Riased – 730 GH¢

[thermometer raised=730 target=3650 height=335 align=left currency=GH¢ alt=off sep=, trailing=true]